Random event that took less time than Truck coding a demo:

Since Truck attended his first demoparty in 2003, ...

Party Went? Made demo?
Solskogen 2017 YesNo
Revision 2017 YesNo
Datastorm 2017 YesNo
Primitive 20 years YesNo
Jumalauta sweet 16 YesNo
Byterapers 30years YesNo
Assembly 2016 YesNo
Solskogen 2016 YesNo
Simulaatio 2016 YesNo
Revision 2016 YesNo
Finnish Amiga Party 2015YesNo
TRSAC 2015 YesNo
Assembly 2015 YesNo
Simulaatio 2015 YesNo
Revision 2015 YesNo
Payback 2015 YesNo
Finnish Amiga Party 2014YesNo
Kindergarden 2014 YesNo
Evoke 2014 YesNo
Assembly Summer 2014 YesNo
Outline 2014 YesNo
Stream Ten YesNo
Revision 2014 YesNo
End of the World 2014 YesNo
Payback 2014 YesNo
Finnish Amiga Party 2013YesNo
...and the list goes on...